COVID-19 News



Dear Test Taker,

ELS IELTS Test Centers are open with some COVID-19 safety measures still in place. Please note that guidelines and safety measures may vary, because ELS runs testing in different states. In addition, IELTS testing is held in various university and school campuses, each which have their own rules.


It is permitted for test takers and staff to wear a facemask for the duration of the test. The mask must be lowered or removed at the request of IELTS staff, for example to have your ID checked, your photograph taken or for a security check.

Masks are optional at most ELS locations, but are mandatory where required by the state or institution health and safety policy. Your booking email will confirm the mask policy, and you may contact your center if you have any concerns.

If you test positive for COVID-19

A positive test for COVID-19 is currently approved as an emergency reason for postponing your test. Please note that medical documentation is required and a transfer fee charged according to IELTS policy.

Please contact your center if you have any questions.